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Gas Cards

    With gas prices constantly jumping gas credit cards are almost a necessity. The advantage of gas credit cards is that they promise a certain percentage rebate on all gasoline purchases. Sometimes credit card companies will create gas cards which offer a rebate on any gas from any station. Other times gas stations will offer their own gas cards which offer a rebate at only their gas stations.

Gas Credit Card Advantages
    The benefits of gas credit cards are obvious. Who wouldn't want a percentage off of every time they fill up? The biggest beneficiaries of gas credit cards are those who use gasoline as part of their job. Taxi drivers or anyone doing deliveries for a living should seriously consider applying for a gas credit card. With gas most likely being their largest expense these people can take a fraction off of their costs and hopefully squeeze a little extra cash out of their hard work.

Gas Credit Cards Issues
    The disadvantages of gas credit cards are much less than most other types of cards. The biggest thing to look for is how rebates are paid and rebate limits. Often the rebates will come in form other than cash. The most popular is a gas gift card which isn't really that much different than cash considering the cardholder purchases enough gas to earn the gift card in the first place. There is a significant disadvantage when a gas credit card puts low limits on the rebates. A gas card is no better than any card once the card holder reaches their rebate limit.

The Choice is Yours
    Just about every gas station has its own credit card today. For everyday drivers making errands and hauling the kids around this can be a big advantage since they often stop at the same gas station every day. These drivers should consider the percentage back that the gas station is offering, whether or not the rebates are offered for in store purchases, and any other special offers. For other drivers there are the general gas credit cards. These cards are offered by credit cards companies instead of one specific gas station company and usually offer rebates on gas purchases at any station. For drivers who are traveling to new places or simply don't want to be limited to one gas station these cards are wonderful. One disadvantage to these general credit cards is that they often have a slightly lower percentage rebate, but for someone valuing choice they can still be a great cost saver.

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